Mission ending in a success story

Our story has begun 30 years ago. We nostalgically and respectfully remember our employees whom we have established the philosophy our our company with. Of course, time always flies and these first employees were followed by the next generation, and today we could say that with the annual 12.000 ton production capacity we have one of the most up-to-date production lines in the country.

The one thing that has not changed over the years: our mission

We have always wanted to be a company that keeps in mind the optimal price-value ratio as well as the importance of innovation, product development, food safety and eco-friendly manufacturing.

We have always chosen our employees according to this principle; and these aspects also appear in the decision making processes during product development. Reasonable and sustainable long-term production is not a goal, but step 0 for us.

These are the reason why we have equipped our plants with modern and innovative production lines, we were the first company that applied modernity in production in Hungary.

We believe in sustainable development

Our new machinery is the most modern in the food industry that is able to mix, shape, bread, stuff, cook, bake, freeze, measure and pack products in larger quantities automatically, without human hand contact. The production is always controlled and checked by highly skilled experts.

Millions of crispy bites get off our production lines annually. We are successful in retail merchandising with several of our product lines (Ripp-Ropp, Alföldi, Miklósi, Steak House); we also develop for distribution networks (e.g.: Tesco, Auchan, SPAR, METRO); and we also have solutions for our partners in public catering.

Since 2013, alongside the plant in Törökszentmiklós, we have another plant in Debrecen, where we produce quick-frozen products in three shifts; and we also deal with a considerable amount of  export requests.

Development is not everything

We are happy to be a continuously developing corporation, but at the same time we try not to forget where we came from and we would like to give back to nature in return of what we’ve taken.

This ‘green-thinking’ in our management’s mindset has a high importance and it has become a sharp focus point for us. Our headquarters is under continuous maintenance, so we can produce our goods in a proper environment which is characterized by the balance between the already existing and the newly built environment.

By preserving and building the landscape, we make our surrounding more livable and this contribution to the environment ensures that we are able to achieve our production and sales goals, but at the same time we remain faithful to our commitment that was made when the very first quick-frozen product left the production line.

Quality policy, food safety

Standing upon our mission, we are considered to be pioneers in numerous fields of the market. Both of our plants have IFS and BRC certification and our plant in Debrecen has a ‘halal’ certification as well. The high-quality production, the ‘green-thinking’ and quality focused approach of the food safety system are combined in the ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and the unique ISO 22000 standards – the latter of which has been developed by us.

We continuously develop, supervise and monitor these features. In favour of the efficency of quality product manufacturing, we aim for continuous integration, owing to this, for the first time in Hungary, we have complete control over the composition of our used additives.

In the past 10 years, we have invested plenty of energy to become market leaders with our food safety system and quality policy, and that is the main reason why we are considered to be the most known private label product manufacturer in the breaded product segment of the market nowadays.

Customers’ satisfaction

In the described section above, you have got known with our company a little deeper and  you have read about our missions about why and how important food safety and quality policy are to us.

Nevertheless, we could summarize the value adding activities of our company in one single sentence, just like a motto:

The meals prepared from the products that come from the freezer give joyful moments to more and more people.