Chose a good quality oil. These are the oils that do not lose their consistency even in very high temperature and do not sit to the bottom of the bottle. That is to say sunflower oil and walnut oil, these are the most suitable for frying.

Fry in a tall pot, the oil can only reach up to the upper quarter of the pot. This prevents splashing, or dropping when putting in the products.

Only put dry food in the oil, soak off the extra moist with a paper towel from the products. Or anything you want to fry, just dip it in some flour, this will absorb the excess moist.

Do not overfill the pot, put the food slowly and carefully in the pot, and leave one finger space in between, if you put too much food in the oil, they will cool down the oil, and instead of frying the food absorbs the oil.

Water and oil are not good friends, they cannot mix. Keep away the water from hot oil, because their mixture can cause explosion like effects, leading to severe burns. If the oil smokes or starts to burn cover it with a lid and turn the heat off.

If someone is careful, s/he keeps a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Learn how to use it, do not leave it to the critical minute.

Never use dull oil for frying, since it is harmful for the health and furthermore the food absorbs a lot of it. Never pour the used oil in the toilet or in the sink, since this way you pollute the environment. Central collection points collect the oil.

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