Dixi Premium
product line

Quality dinner made from quality products

We have paid exceptional attention for the quality raw materials in creating Dixi product line. All Dixi products are made from poultry meat, which can be delivered in various forms to the table, may we talk about breaded chicken breast filet, spicy, hot chicken wings or the all time favourite Hortobágyi pancake.

Dixi Kentucky Chicken Breast

Net weight: 600g

Avoid the crowded fast-food restaurants and take home the Dixi Kentucky chicken breast, made according to our latest recipe. They can be prepared in 5 minutes and you can eat your dinner in the comfor...

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Dixi Hot wings

Net weight: 300g

Dixi Hot wings bring a hot mood to dinner. It's a great choice to accompany your movie night!...

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Dixi Hortobágyi-Style Pancake

Net weight: 375g

Stew and pancake… The two best meals in the world. What do we get if we put them together? The famous Hortobágyi, of course, prepared with the greatest attention. The latest product in the Dixi produc...

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Alongside the popular and well-known product lines, you can find our latest and the most innovative product lines in our catalogue as well.

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