Steak House
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Fry it! Eat it!

Fast-food at home, without lining-up for those who want something special. The Steak House product line offers quality meat products for the ones who love grilled products and like the smoked flavour, hamburger patties, spicy chicken wings or the always popular breaded trappista cheese.

Steak House Hamburger

Net weight: 1000g

You want something quick, but after a hard day you don't want to go to any restaurant? Steak House Hamburger patties are spicy and they can be prepared within minutes. Chop up some vegetables and...

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Steak House Hot Wings

Net weight: 600g

Hot? Of course! Extra special? For sure! Quick to make? Definitely! You only have to turn on some classic Latin music, put on an apron and make the wings while you dance lambda....

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Steak House Breaded Trappista Cheese

Net weight: 500g

You have to work in the morning and plan activities with the children in the afternoon? You also deserve some rest! Spare some time with Steak House Breaded Trappista Cheese! In just a few minutes, yo...

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Steak House Poultry balls

Net weight: 400g

Poultry balls is a real universal meal in the Steak House product line, as it is delicious with every type of side dish, may be potatoes, vegetables or even a tasty vegetable-dish. This is why it can ...

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Steak House Breaded chicken breast

Net weight: 800g

With the Steak House breaded chicken slices you can forget that you have to bread meat. The crispy, golden brown coating is delicately spiced, covering a tasteful meat, which is a perfect choice if yo...

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