Dixi Hortobágyi-Style Pancake

Net weight: 375g

Stew and pancake… The two best meals in the world. What do we get if we put them together? The famous Hortobágyi, of course, prepared with the greatest attention. The latest product in the Dixi product line recalls lazy weekend meals or late summer dinners.

Preparation instructions (recommended)

In frying pan and deep fryer

The product should be heated in plenty of boiling oil or some other fat in its frozen condition (i.e. without defrosting) at 160 °C for 4 to 5 minutes

Allergén információk

Storage: below -18°C

Attention! The defrosted product must not be refrozen! Best before: stored below -18°C in unopened packaging, see packaging (day/month/year)

Breaded pancake, manufactured with the use of mechanically separated chicken meat, and stuffed with Hungarian style filling. Quick-frozen, ready to eat product.

Average nutritional values per 100 g of the product

Energy1011 kJ /242 kcal
Fat12 g
of which saturated fatty acids1,7 g
carbohydrate25 g
of which sugars0,5 g
protein8,4 g
salt1,0 g


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